Who is the Coyote Child?  

The coyote child is one of my personal little monsters.,  He was born in a barn and raised by coyotes so he's not really clear on what the world wants from him, but he means well. People tell me that he looks like their cat, or their dog or their toddler.  They tell me he's cute and that he's ugly, and often they take a print home.  Sometimes they don't know why.

Art prints need frames and glass and a lot of wall space, but a cloisonné pin fits almost anywhere.  For his fans, a shiny little pin (with no glass to break) is the most convenient way to take a Coyote Child home.  I created a limited edition of 100 Coyote Child pins in January 2018, with help with my friends on Kickstarter, and will offer the remaining few available pins to collectors while supplies last.

Coyote child pins are currently available in the Studio Wondercabinet store at Square.  Limited edition prints of the original Coyote Child artwork are also available.  Since Square is currently US-only, non-US transactions through Paypal can be arranged by contacting me directly.