christmas with krampus

In 2015 Studio Wondercabinet created the C'thulhu Christmas Greeting Card set, an affectionate tribute to the C'thulhu Mythos stories of Lovecraft.  In 2016 we made the King in Yellow Xmas cards, a celebration of the King in Yellow story cycle of Robert W. Chambers.  In 2017, we created a double set of Xmas cards inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands stories. Now we’re back with a new project for Winter 2019…

It’s a Christmas miracle! A really disturbing Christmas miracle!

It’s a Christmas miracle! A really disturbing Christmas miracle!

I’ve painted five original Krampus christmas card illustrations, returning to traditional media to create original illustrations for a set of holiday cards for this very traditional fellow. Daniel Gelon, my husband and partner in Xmas weirdness, has created wonderful gift wrap and illustration details that will, we hope, be unlocked as the campaign goes on. Join us as we create our own special take on Saint Nicholas’s companion, the one who deals with the naughty children on the “naughty or nice” list. Then join us on Kickstarter to make these cards a reality for Xmas 2019!

What will they look like finished? Check out our preview images on Kickstarter now, or look at our previous Xmas projects on the Weird Xmas Tales page to see past work!

You better watch out! More dreadful holiday cheer is coming…