The Satyrical Krampus, at Gargoyles this month

My recent sketch “The Satyrical Krampus” will be part of Gargoyles Statuary’s Dark Winter’s Light show for the next month.

Krampus at Gargoyles 01

The show celebrates the solstice and the holiday season with art that celebrates the wild, the pagan and the illuminating. My little Krampus looks a bit too friendly to be a proper monster, so perhaps he’s just a satyr that likes the yuletide holidays.

Midway through painting, the Krampus smiles…

Midway through painting, the Krampus smiles…

I sketched and painted him this year as a personal project. He didn’t quite make it onto my Xmas cards this year, but I think he’s full of charm and hope he finds a home.

The original painting and actual-size, limited edition giclee prints are currently available through Gargoyles. for more information, please contact Gargoyles Statuary. The Dark Winter’s Light show closes January 16th, 2019.