Update on Dreamlands Xmas

There are nine (9) days left in the Dreamlands Christmas Cards and Gift Paper Kickstarter campaign.  On Nov. 2. 2017, at 8:00 pm PDT, the campaign will end.  We met our goal on the first day and are well into the stretch goals.  Studio Wondercabinet thanks our backers for letting us make Xmas cards again this year.

This is an ambitious project — nine different Xmas cards with interior text, Lovecraftian gift wrap, illustrated metallic silver envelopes complete with silver key seals.  Currently Daniel is designing the gift-tag pack that gets unlocked at $8000.  I continue to paint original artwork for the nine featured cards, a celebration of both the holiday spirit and Lovecraft’s cycle of fantastical Dreamlands stories.

Inganok is lovely this time of year...

Inganok is lovely this time of year...


So much artwork.  We came up with so many neat ideas, and when we tested them on our literate, Lovecraftian writer friends, we got so much positive feedback, that we decided to make two sets of cards — four unique cards in each and a Cats of Ulthar fifth card for everyone.  (Think of the Ulthar Cats as an instant stretch goal.)  And our ideas… well, they sprawled and, like the Dreamlands, were often full of incident.  We’re making nine cards total this year and some of these cards contain multitudes — or at least nine tiny reindeer, twelve Gug paws, and probably a couple of dozen happy little Zoogs.

I continue to paint. 

If you have yet to visit the Dreamlands Christmas KS page, come visit and see what I’ve been working on.

If you’ve visited before, check out what’s changed.  Final card art replaces concept sketches as I finish each piece, and we are only four pieces out from done— I will finish the last card before the campaign ends.  The sets start to reveal themselves. The stretch goal rewards are posted, and on the envelopes the cats are looking at the moon.

If you’re free Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm PST (aka 17:30), drop by Kickstarter to watch me work on a painting.  I will be live streaming for an hour of digipaint and random commentary, and would like the company. 

Update - We've unlocked the gift tags!  Free Lovecraftian gift tags for everyone!  Whee!