KiYXmas; Progress Report from the Studio

Happy Sunday! Daniel is in charge of the official KS page but he's busy this morning assembling the digital art rewards so I'm posting an update here on my blog.  Here's what's happening with the Kickstarter rewards...

KiYXmas seals 2016
Card blocks 2016

The cards, the seals and the packaging have all arrived in good condition.  We ordered them early so stuff was going to press before the campaign ended. The cards arrived scored but not folded (oops) so we've spent several hours folding cards already.  Thumbs up, PSPrint, the printing looks great!  Cards, seals and packaging are ready to go.

Detail of one of the reward sketches.  Art © 2016, Heather Hudson

Detail of one of the reward sketches.  Art © 2016, Heather Hudson

People who backed at the original art level - I have finished the five sketches and will mat and bag them for shipping tomorrow.  Original art is ready to go.

The envelopes have been printed and are in transit.  We opened up the printed envelope level on the last day of the campaign.  Daniel ordered them before the end of the day and paid for rush shipping, but they're still not due to arrive until Wednesday.  In retrospect, the Thanksgiving weekend is a bad time to need rush shipping.

When the envelopes come in, no later than Wednesday, Daniel and I will bag cards and seals, assemble the packs into reward mailers and get the rewards ready to mail.  I'll post updates as we go, to keep you guys informed.

Thanks for reading, and if you have questions, ask.