Afterword; Dreamlands Xmas Project

In the end I was too busy painting to blog.

     The DX project is complete.  The campaign ended on Nov. 2, 2017, with 331 backers pledging $12,576 to help us create our double set of holiday cards inspired by HP Lovecraft's Dreamlands story cycle.  The alternate Cats of Ulthar art reward was unlocked in the last 48 hours, so I was painting hard right through the entire campaign. 

The first two of 10 original card illustrations created for "Dreamlands Xmas" this year...

The first two of 10 original card illustrations created for "Dreamlands Xmas" this year...

     Through a combination of experience, hard work and luck we were able to get the rewards printed, sort and package them ourselves, and ship them out on or before November 28, 2017, when we both got on a plane to Nebraska's War 2017, a vintage Magic; the Gathering tournament in Lucca, Italy.  

     It was a ridiculous schedule, a schedule for crazy people and fools, but it was our schedule and we managed to pull it off.  We thank our backers for their support, the USPS for its generally reliable services and remarkably patient counter help (especially at the Greenwood branch, thanks ladies!) and Dame Fortune for not surprising us with a misprinted order or a freak snowstorm while product was in transit.

     We returned from Italy on Dec 6 to many cartons of left-over product, but no emergencies.  Daniel was in communication with one person who needed cards replaced after a particularly harsh USPS delivery, and one backer who hadn't had his reward delivered at all, but we shipped their replacement orders when we got home and then it was quiet for the first time in months. 

     The reward phase of the Dreamlands Xmas project is over.  Now what?

  Gift wrap and card set from all three years are still available, although we can't guarantee it would arrive in time for Xmas 2017 at this point. 

    Some preliminary pencils for the card art will be available in the Studio Wondercabinet online store as well.  I’ll make a general announcement when they become available.

     We are contemplating a new Lovecraftian project for 2018 but at his point we don't know whether it will be Xmas-themed.  After three Christmases with the gentleman from Providence  I feel that we should step back, appreciate what we've achieved, and look for new ways to use our abilities.  And maybe spend Thanksgiving with our families next year...