A ThankYou Gift from Krampus

This is for the wonderful people who have liked and backed our campaign.  You’ve already made it possible for us to make our fabulous Christmas with Krampus cards with festive greetings inside, and for that we thank you!

But wait, there’s more…

But wait, there’s more…

However, we still need to unlock the stretch goals that will put illustration on the envelopes, Krampus seals on the flaps and an assortment of gift wrap patterns in the gift wrap packages.  These are good things, we would like you to have them in your rewards.  But entropy is strong this year. We need help to spread word across the internet telling Krampus fans about our campaign.

By the way, our campaign page is at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1464564021/christmas-with-krampus but Kickstarter says http://kck.st/2mWzaOB would work too. You know, if you were wondering. In case you wanted to share… theoretically.

Some reward tiers that still need to be unlocked - envelope illustrations and Krampus seal are still just beyond our reach…

Some reward tiers that still need to be unlocked - envelope illustrations and Krampus seal are still just beyond our reach…

So here is our cunning plan; we will make Krampus Christmas gift tags for the kind folks who help us out.  These will be 2”x3” tags professionally printed on card stock, featuring my art, light seasonal snark and room for the names of both gift-giver and -getter.  They will be fun, they will be useful, and they will only be available to backers who share news and links of our campaign.

All you have to do is share news of our “Christmas with Krampus” cards in a blog, forum, group or community to let people know how awesome they are. Your personal facebook page is good but FB has been hiding posts with KS links so spreading word to groups or forums you are on would be even better.  We think horror, geek and Christmas communities would particularly appreciate our work, but if you think your dog obedience group or knitting community would like them, that’s cool too!

We will bag them in packs of 6 (2 each of 3 designs) and give a pack and a PDF to each helper who’s backed us for physical product.  If you’ve only backed us for the PDF cards, then you shall have a name tag PDF added to your rewards as well.

You, wonderful backer, may share a link to the campaign any before the last 24 hours of the campaign to get your tags.  When you have shared, leave a comment on our Kickstarter Update #2  HERE telling where you promoted the cards and we’ll add a note to your pledge to add the tags to your reward. If you’ve already spread the word without being asked (bless you!) let us know (again, HERE) so you can be added.

Again, thank you.  We love having you working with us to make our Krampus Christmas happen.