Yellowstone and Operation Gaia 2019

I’m about to leave the studio for a week. Tomorrow morning I’ll get on a plane to go to an art meet-up near Yellowstone National Park, where I’ll spend a week or so drawing trees and critters with other artists. I spend most of my time in my home studio these days, so flying anywhere is quite exciting.  A week in the creative company of my art friends will be magical!

Note that when I looked for synonyms for “spend time,” the online thesaurus offered me “dally,” “hang out,” and “loiter,” which sound like we intend to mug big horn sheep, not draw them.  Sheeps, I promise you are in fact safe from us!

The contrariness of the universe suggests that leaving the studio will cause many exciting things to happen for me here at home and that people - people with fabulous projects or possibly terrible emergencies - will try to contact me. To which I say... good luck with that. I will try to check my email periodically, but I am a simple soul and the retreat organizer is not entirely sure we’re going to have WIFI available throughout. So... my internet access is uncertain. I may not be able to respond until I return to Studio Wondercabinet at the end of the month.  Not in a useful, organized manner, anyway.

Short form - if you try to contact me this next week and a half, thank you in advance for being patient.  I suspect I will have to respond when I get home, around May 30th. But if you’ve left a message, I will get back to you as soon as I am able!

The Harplet chick is small and gravity is strong…

The Harplet chick is small and gravity is strong…

Meanwhile, the Changeling Artist Collective’s 2019 Operation Gaia art auction is happening this week! My Harplet Takes Wing original mixed-media piece, above, is one of many bird-themed works looking for a home in our third annual charity fundraiser. As in previous years, funds from the sale of artwork will be donated to the National Audubon Society, to support wildlife conservation.

I will still be out of the studio when the auction ends this Friday, May 24th, but when I get back I will promptly contact the Harplet’s buyer to finish the sale and organize delivery.  Again, thank you in advance for your patience!