NorWesCon 2019 countdown

I’m preparing art to hang in the NorWesCon art show next week. Norwescon has an automated interface that organizes art information and generates bid slips automatically, thus saving time and avoiding the infinite creativity that artists can bring to filling paper bid slips out by hand.

The deadline for posting this information into the NorWesCon art show database is 13 April. Today is 12 April. Am I actually ready with all my artwork framed and ready to hang? No! But it is far easier for everyone to cancel entries than to add them at the show, so I have erred on the side of plentitude and will hang out with Schrodinger’s cat in phase space, framing art as best I can, until Thursday afternoon when the art will, in actuality, be put on display and I see what actually, IRL, fits on the panels.

NorWesCon is a wonderful show, especially for writers! I’m not a panelist at NorWesCon this year but I will be running about participating in both the Art and Writing tracks, so if you see me say hello!