MoL 2019 - Lies

God of Loving Lies

This February I'm using the "Month of Love" project to spark stories in my own world beyond the Wood. I'll post artwork of a new god each week, with both a general introduction and a piece of short fiction that builds it into the world.  The general intro will be found on all the platforms on which the god appears, but the short fiction will be posted only on Patreon, set to General Access.

Don’t ask what’s in the bucket. Just… don’t ask…

Don’t ask what’s in the bucket. Just… don’t ask…

God of Lies Told for Love - This is a local god of Lies told for Love, the lies told to make a loved one happy. It’s native to Florn in the southern coastal region of the human empire.  It needs a bucket because even well-meaning lies can get messy.  There is some theological debate about the pigeon.

Update - Original artwork for “God of Loving Lies” is now available in the Studio Wondercabinet store!