Junefae 2018, Day 8 - Excitable Bug Fae

Boundless enthusiasm is one of its charms...



For JuneFae 2018 I will be focusing on the faeries of the Other Side of the Wood.  I’ll write a few quick words about each fairy as I post it.  Each Friday of the month, I will write a longer post about one of the week's fairies for my Patreon page. This article will be general access.

You can learn more about my faeries and faeriscites in this general-access Patreon post; https://www.patreon.com/posts/on-faeries-and-18827366

Update on Junefae

I'm rethinking my original goal to post a new fairy every day this month.  Last month I fell heavily on my drawing hand and couldn't use it for two weeks.  Now that I'm out of the brace, I am two weeks behind - still working on my wonderful project for Encounters Vol. 3, my Poppy Fae still unfinished for Changeling's card game.  I'd planned for June fae to be the main project this month, but that's not happening now. 

Also, cross-posting is amazingly time consuming!  Who knew! (Everyone but me, probably.)

Therefore, I'm changing plans.  I will post at least one new fairy every week, more if I can, but spending more time on that fairy and also - joy and rapture! - finishing my inhouse illustration work in a beautiful and timely way.  I will continue to post longer fairy fiction on my Patreon on Fridays, and continue to ask my Patreons to suggest the fairy of the week.  

Thank you!