Junefae 2018, Day 7 - Unsuccessful Pig Fae

Day 7 of Junefae, and the Unsuccessful Pig Fae is struggling to achieve ethereal charm.  It is as happy and well-intentioned as any fae, but a swinish heritage and the random luck of its faeriscite infection conspire against it.   Perhaps it will find a nice bridge to live under somewhere...


For JuneFae 2018 I will be focusing on the faeries of the Other Side of the Wood.  I’ll write a few quick words about each fairy as I post it.  Each Friday of the month, I will write a longer post about one of the week's fairies for my Patreon page. This article will be general access.

You can learn more about my faeries and faeriscites in this general-access Patreon post; https://www.patreon.com/posts/on-faeries-and-18827366