Operation Gaia 2018 is complete

This January, Changeling Artist Collective and the Bird Whisperers held the second annual Operation Gaia art challenge, to raise funds for the National Audubon Society and bird conservation.

I painted three watercolors for the project, "Early Bird," "Early Flight" and "The Nest."  Those three paintings all sold in Changeling's Operation Gaia art auction in February and were sent off to new homes. Together, they raised $245 for conservation!  However, since life and post offices are uncertain, I held on to the funds until safe arrival was confirmed.  If a piece was lost or destroyed in transit, it would be simpler to make a refund while I still had the funds.

  Yesterday I learned that the last of the three paintings reached its new home safely. The final phase of the art auction is complete!  My bird-critters can make their contribution to conservation at last!

Yay!  Relatively vast sum of $$$ given to conservation charity! Yay!

Yay!  Relatively vast sum of $$$ given to conservation charity! Yay!

One final thought -- the happiness I hear or read of when people receive my work will always be magical to me.  Thank you, art-friends, not only for your support of conservation, but also for giving my work a home.