Dreamland feedback prize winners announced

In my last newsletter, I asked my subscribers to finish a statement for me...

What's really important about the Dreamlands is...

I wanted hear what stayed with you about Lovecraft’s Dreamlands, the lands of fantastic and often heroic adventures that he described in “The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath” and other stories.  

I’ve just read “Dream Quest” for the first time in preparation for the Studio Wondercabinet 2017 Xmas card project, and it was not what I expected.  I vaguely remember reading “The Quest of Iranon” many years ago and finding it too sad for me at the time, and assumed (with no logic whatsoever) that all Dreamlands stories would be similar and also sad.  Instead, the Dreamlands described in TDQoUK are sprawling, diverse, heroic and full of fascinating monsters, all with quite reasonable descriptions.  Also we get to see the return of Richard Upton Pickman, formerly of Boston, and also a really impressive number of cats.

The point is, TDQoUK is huge.  I can illustrate 4 to 6 images for our Xmas cards, depending on how we fund.  TDQoUK has are at least 26 named locations in it, three pitched battles between opposing armies, seven sentient races - 8, if you include cats - and I would be unsurprised to hear I’d missed a few in any category.  It is vast, and when I choose my 4 to 6 most significant and visually striking (yet festively Xmasy!) images to illustrate, I’m confident that someone else could pick another 4 to 6 completely different images and still be completely valid. 

Hence my question.  I ask not because I can’t find anything in TDQoUK to illustrate, but because I can find of so much.  So, to be fair to the friends who I will, eventually, ask for crowdfunding support, I ask what images, places, races and battles are the important ones to them, in hopes of finding a broad consensus that I, with my focus on interesting detail, might overlook.

In return for your time, I promised to send sketches to two of you, to be chosen at random at the end of the month...

Above, my high-tech analog name drawing system!

Above, my high-tech analog name drawing system!

My newsletter subscribers were awesome and sent me many emails!  And now June has ended, I have chosen two markers at random out of a jar and am happy to announce we have winners!  Congratulations Andrew and b5dorsai, I’m contacting you today about your reward art!