June Fae 30 - A Word from the Artist

On Day 30 of #junefae, the end of the month and the end of the #junefae challenge, the artist thanks you for joining her for thirty days of art and fairies.  Art is a form of communication, and in order to communicate, there has to be someone to talk to.  It was neat to show stuff to you — your company was appreciated.


Curious to see what all the fay look like together?  Check them out at Studiowondercabinet on Instagram!

But what happens next?

Most (all?) of my #junefae fairies will be reproduced in my 2018 sketchbook next year.  Several original fairies will be submitted to galleries.  Others will be available for purchase online, either through the Studio Wondercabinet store or through the Changeling Artist Collective’s monthly art auctions; several will be available in the Bugs&Beasties2 auction in July.  

Will prints be made?  Will weird faerie t-shirts and shower curtains become available at Red Bubble?  Will I learn how to do without sleep and eat sunlight like a houseplant?  It is unclear.  But it would be nice to do something with all these fae, and if I hear there’s actual interest in reproductions of one kind or another that option would move higher in the priority roster towards 100% probability.

What do you think?