June Fae 3 - Owl Harpy

The Owl Harpy is eerie looking but not terribly supernatural for a faerie.  There are harpies that act as psychopomps, guiding the spirits of the dead to their appropriate afterlife.  There are harpy-like small gods that roam deserts and wild lands looking for children to steal.  The owl harpy is not that kind of faerie.  

"Boo!  Say, are you gonna eat that...?"

"Boo!  Say, are you gonna eat that...?"

Most harpies live private lives, raising families of 3 to 5 chicks in large, tidy nests built on inaccessible heights.  A tall mesa or, more rarely, a crumbling tower in the desert are appealing homes when what you’re looking for is privacy and a good updraft.  

The owl harpy thinks differently;  it appears to be a convivial spirit, nesting in disused buildings where humans are not uncommon.  It hops about woods near farms and suburbs at dusk, calling to passing travelers and occasionally tapping at windows to surprise the inhabitants with its pale, nearly human face.  It has been known to ask for food, particularly if bacon was served at dinner.

The call of the owl harpy is said to be a horrifying scream, immediately followed by a series of giggles.