June Fae 25 - The Tiny Goat-Boy Fae

On Day 25 of #junefae, the Tiny Goat-Boy Fae is having trouble getting where he wants to go.  That's the trouble with these new-technology transportation services - the driver's not a professional and everyone feels exploited afterwards, especially if surge prices apply...

"But I don't  want  to go to New Jersey...!"

"But I don't want to go to New Jersey...!"

I've left the sketch in pencil for today but the TGBF will be back before the end of the month, properly painted.  Enjoy the authentic sun-dappled lighting on the sketch!  I've been photographing my sketches outdoors this year, to see if natural light is really as good as I hear.  Neglect and a cool, damp spring have turned my garden into a jungle where the foliage is lush and verdant AF.  When the light is strong enough to have directionality, leafy green shadows result. That's some authentic sun-dappling right there, that effect is challenging to paint but lovely when done right!