June Fae 21 - The Long-Eared Tailor Fae

The Tailor Fae is one of those helpful fairies that everyone wants to have around.  He’s an exquisite stitcher and so helpful when clothing must be mended or embroidery finished to an impossible deadline.  A dish of milk (or beer) and a little fresh bread are a small price to pay for his midnight labors.  But…

"Well, I really shouldn't say anything,  but ..."

"Well, I really shouldn't say anything, but..."

All the fae gossip as they work, and the Long-Eared Tailor Fae really can’t help hearing more with such long ears. And those little eyes see everything.  And stitching is tedious, sedentary work — a creature can’t help discussing what’s going on in the world…  The tailor fae take a portion of their payment in scandalmongering and delicious rumor.

So put out bread and milk (or beer) and leave your clothes out, preferably washed, and a needle and the right color of thread, and perhaps you will find them mended in the morning.  But be careful, if you care about your reputation, that that is all you leave out for the fae to find.