June Fae 20 - The Peacock Fae

Day 20 of #junefae is the Peacock Fae, who is loud and cheery and always up for a party.  “Arrive late, stay late” is the Peacock Fae’s motto.  Other mottos include “tables are for dancing on,” and “Nobody is really shy if you give them a little push!”  It can be a bit demanding to be friends with the Peacock Fae.

"Pole dancing is actually  fabulous  exercise!"

"Pole dancing is actually fabulous exercise!"

I had to run an errand yesterday, so I posted candid detail shot of the Peacock Fae on social media yesterday morning and ran off with intentions to write a serious blog post later that afternoon.  This was not to be.  But I have a fine new fairy to post this morning, and the Peacock Fae is now properly blogged about, and everything is fine.  That’s what the Peacock Fae says, anyway.