June Fae 18 - The Girl Who Used to See Fairies

Day 18 of #junefae is a girl who used to see fairies.  She had been much younger and didn’t know any better at the time, and now she is older and wiser and firmly never sees them at all.  

 The fairy is always lurking, conspicuous by its absence.

 The fairy is always lurking, conspicuous by its absence.

I’ve included her in #junefae because to consciously not see fairies is as much a fey act as seeing fairies. 

If she had seen trees and flowers and played badminton and never thought of fairies at all, she would not be here. 

If she saw fairies periodically, she might be here, but she might not.  Many people see fairies where there may or may not be fairies to be seen. The presence of actual fairies is debatable and, ultimately, unimportant.

But to have seen fairies, and then choose to unseen them - that’s a magical act.  The thought of the fairy is impressed upon the human heart, as the impression of an insect wing is fixed in negative in a slab of shale.