Christmas Comes Early Around Here (2016 Edition)

In my spring newsletter I asked my friends to send me feedback about some ideas for this year's Christmas card project.  Last year D. and I kickstarted a set of Lovecraftian Xmas cards, and we want to do something similar but even better for 2016.  So I asked my newsletter friends to choose a favorite subject from among the C'thulhu Mythos repeated, the Dreamlandsthe King in Yellow, The Funghi from Yuggoth poem cycle, and Gothic Fiction.

I didn't know if anyone would respond.  Instead I got more feedback than I dared to hope for, and I got it fast.  For the curious, the feedback broke down like this;

  • The King in Yellow tied with the Dreamlands in first place.
  • C'thulhu came in a distant third.
  • The Funghi from Yuggoth and Gothic Fiction each got one vote.

Several people liked all the ideas, and at least one suggested something completely different -- because helpfulness takes many forms. *grin*

As a small gesture of appreciate for my friends who took time to respond, I picked two names at random from the list and sent them ACEO sketches in thanks.  You were awesome, guys!