How to Draw a Perfect Thumbnail Sketch (repost)

Reposted from 3/16/2016

Drawing one single idea sketch is hard.  I'd have to make it perfect on the first go, feeling confident that it is the best possible concept for the project that I can come up with.  With that much pressure, it can be hard to put anything on the paper at all.

It's easier to draw three ideas than one.  It's easy to scribble a couple of tiny ideas onto the page, and then sketch a box around each one to frame it.  I need the box.  The box tells me it’s a picture of a picture, with a defined format to work within.  Without the box it's just a scribble on the page.

Do I hate all my little scribbles?  I'll draw three more.  By now one or two of them will work better than the others -- they can't all be exactly as frustrating -- and if I can figure out what's working, I can start to draw larger versions, still scribbly maybe but clearer, trying to build on it until I get a clear look at what I’m trying to do.  Then I know how the picture will work.