KiYXmas; "Behind the Moon" Finalized!

As I wrote yesterday, I blame the moon for my revisionism.  The moon looked perfectly fine by itself, cold, blue and remote, but the art was not meant to be seen by itself.  
Colors don't matter, but they make us see pictures in ways that do matter to us.  I wanted the four images to say that they were all part of the same idea, and for that a large area of warmish yellow was absolutely needful.  At the same time I wanted the moon to be a presence between the travelers and distant Carcossa, and the yellow helps that happen.

It wasn’t until I saw all four illustrations spread out on the banner that I realized how important yellow had become as a unifying element within the set.  The banner made the lack of yellow in “Behind the Moon” was painfully obvious.  Early on, in the theoretical days of the project, I planned to make yellow a minor unifying element on cards that each had their own distinctive color emphasis, but the King in Yellow did not go gently into the background in any of his manifestations, and on the first banner I had three very warm-yellow illustrations and one that looked lost.  
The simple option was to push the moon toward yellow while keeping that yellow friendly with the cool blues around it, and to echo it in neutral tones in the distant towers of Carcossa.

The King In Yellow Christmas Cards campaign (#KiYXmas) has eleven more days to run.  To get your own set of these dubious but lovely things, back our campaign on Kickstarter!