KiYXmas; The End Has Come

This is the last day of our "King in Yellow Chrismas Cards" campaign.  As I write, we have 429 backers who have pledged $9,974 to support our project.  There are 11 hours remaining.

If another $26 is pledged in the next 11 hours, we'll reach the magic $10K point that unlocks illustrated envelopes for all the cards.  

Artwork © 2016, Heather Hudson and Daniel Gelon.

Artwork © 2016, Heather Hudson and Daniel Gelon.

After I finished the artwork yesterday, Daniel made a mock-up of what those envelopes will look like.  These are lustrous metallic envelopes anyway, so the overall effect -- especially once the Yellow Sign seal has been added - will be eye-popping.  Your card will be noticed, is what I'm saying.  Not subtle.  Shiny...

We got our sample card proofs from the printer yesterday.  This is going to be a beautiful project.

Thanks again being here with us for our "King in Yellow Christmas Cards" project!  I'll keep you updated about the backing levels and the (possible) envelope art, and will talk to you again soon!