KiYXmas; The Beginning of the End...

There's just four days left on our King In Yellow Christmas Cards Campaign!  
We have chosen the interior text and laid it out in beautiful letters. You can read them yourself here in this KS update, First Goals Met...!
We upgraded the envelopes from yellow to metallic gold at $6000.
We added rewards and rewards levels - complete sets of last year's Cthulhu Christmas cards are now added to the rewards!
Now we are just $53 away from the magic $8000 mark that unlocks the Yellow Sign envelope seals!

Have you seen the yellow sign?  

Have you seen the yellow sign?  

Our Yellow Sign, design shown above, is a 2" round embossed seal, printed in metallic gold.  Our Yellow Sign (above) is an original creation by Daniel Gelon, who recently wrote an update titled Have You Seen the Yellow Sign? about his design process and the decision to create a new Sign.  It's well worth reading, and gives a shout-out to the original designer of Chaosium's familiar Yellow Sign, Kevin Ross.

Daniel is an amazing graphic designer who over the last 20 years has worked on some of the most beautiful and beloved game properties in the world; D&D including D&D 5th Edition, and Magic; the Gathering.  It would be a privilege for me to work on a project with him under any circumstances, even if he wasn't (spoilers!) my husband and life-mate.

I love the way this looks and hope you will too!