Beyond the Wood

Beyond the Wood is a personal project due early in 2020. It’s set in the world of The Other Side of the Wood, my personal otherwhere halfway between Oz and the Dreamlands. Currently the Beyond the Wood WIP consists of a manuscript on its second edit, a very patient editor and a list of demands from the in-house Art Director. And stories.

There is a wood where things have no name, huge and old, dark and impassable. The world beyond the wood is a place of illuminating monsters and prosaic characters, and sometimes both at once. There are road trips and wandering pocket-gods, occasional plagues of fairies and awkward alliances between races with conflicting goals, and there will probably be a war eventually even though folks generally mean well. I’m posting rough drafts and updates on Patreon, look for the tag “Other Side of the Wood” to read further…


The world of The Other Side of the Wood started out as a personal challenge several years ago, a sketchbook of fantasy creature portraits. As I made up the faces, I had to figure out backstories to know what I ought to draw. Backstories require environments, environments define a world. By the time I was finished, I’d laid out the bones of that world. I’ve come back to it repeatedly, writing new stories, and now I want to make those stories into something new.
Telling stories with words is different from showing with pictures, but the act of amusing, of sharing, of (hopefully) surprising is still magical. That’s the thing - stories need to be shared. Hence the project.
Here are a few of the faces from that first sketchbook, now out of print…

More stories and faces are set to General Access on my Patreon page. Click the button to go there!