So you're walking down a beach at sunset, and you see a figure coming toward you...

  I'm Heather Hudson and I draw and paint and sometimes write about illuminating monsters.  Mostly they mean well.

  So you keep walking and as the figure approaches, dark against the sunset, you see that it's not entirely human, but it's a nice evening, and the beach is actually your own mind so nothing is going to hurt you here, and you keep walking...

  I have at least one degree in theatrical design (maybe two?), over twenty years of illustration for tabletop card games and roleplaying games, nearly 200 published card illustrations for Magic; the Gathering, three sets of Christmas cards inspired by Lovecraft and his circle, tarot cards, poker cards, whimsical fairy watercolors and a lot of personal art about monsters that reflect more than they horrify.  Lots of those last.  And I've noticed that the best monsters thread a ribbon of story from me to you, and if it's the right story, it sticks. 
  Most of my published work so far has been drawings and paintings, which are great ways to tell a (very short) story if you're afraid people won't read past the first line.  Now that I'm old enough to have a few longer stories to tell, I've started writing too.

  So you finally meet, and it is that thing you don't talk about, only, yeah, it's a nice evening so as you're stepping politely around each other your eyes meet, you nod, and it nods and you open your mouth to say...

  What do you say?


Portrait of the artist...

Portrait of the artist...

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