Heather Hudson creates fantasy artwork in traditional and digital media, inspired by the Golden Age and pulp illustration art of the 20th Century.  She has worked professionally as an illustrator for more than 20 years, getting her start in the fantasy gaming genre.   Today she focuses on personal projects, including the successful “Cthulhu Christmas Greeting Card” project (2015), and the “King in Yellow Xmas Card” project (2016), both crowdfunded.  She also works with independent writers and game creators, and welcomes email queries about potential projects. 

Heather Hudson’s illustration career began after she had received degrees in theatrical production and design from San Jose State University and the University of Washington.  She is a member of the Women In Fantastical Illustration on-line community and the Changeling Artist Collective.

Heather Hudson illustrated games for companies including Wizards of the Coast, AEG, and Chaosium  Her work for the game Magic; the Gathering extended to nearly 200 cards.

Magic; the Gathering friends, please visit the Studio Wondercabinet site for information on card signingArtist Proof cards, and art prints.

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